Megaview® photomast makes aerial photography possible for everyone!

The ultimate photomast with extreme stability. Only ISO certified parts with a thoughtful design. For every budget there’s a matching Megaview®. Bird’s eye view pictures made in seconds. No licenses and permits needed as with drones. Use your camera in a safe way to make aerial photography. Capture elevated images almost anywhere and display your composition in “live-view”. Bring your creativity on a higher level ! Megaview® is a Dutch registered company which only supplies high quality 6K carbon made in the Netherlands.

Advantages for you as a photographer:

Make different pictures
Maximize creativity
Improve your photography skills
Start 3 dimensional photography
Show more to your customers
Get more clients
Bring your expertise to a higher level
Sell your knowledge and knowhow

Megaview has composed complete packages for you!

What professionals use Megaview® ?

Megaview® has developed specific photomast products for every profession. We offer lightweight systems suitable for compact cameras but also bigger systems for SLR cameras. We offer a very special customer protection service: Lifelong warranty , because we have a rock solid believe in our unique products.

  • Real estate photographers
  • Photo hobbyists
  • Event photographers
  • Professional photographers
  • Filmcrews
  • Real estate agencies
  • Solar engineers
  • 3D Field researchers
  • Accident reconstruction units
  • Bird photographers
  • Olie gaspipe inspections
  • Wildlife photographers
  • Architects
  • Criminal investigation units
  • Electrical installations engineers
  • Customs
  • Airplane spotters
  • Environmental inspections
  • Railway inspections
  • Engineers
  • Monumental building inspections
  • Military purposes
  • Road inspections
  • Sports analysis
  • Crowd analysis
  • Chemical companies
  • Construction companies
  • Energy efficiency inspections
  • Acoustic researchers

And shortly you?

Be advised well and buy your own high quality camera pole here. Don’t spend more than needed. We will be glad to advise you!

Customers reactions

  • Ik heb sinds een tijdje een Megaview PICPOLE en ik maak er foto's mee voor een lokaal makelaarskantoor. De foto's zijn bijzonder overzichtelijk en klanten vragen er nu zelf naar. Ook de service van Megaview is prima !
    Willem Mulder, Fotograaf, Markelo NL
  • Wir haben seit mehr als einem Jahr einen Picpole 10 und dass gefallt uns sehr gut. Wir gebrauchen es immer bei unsere jobs auf Borsen oder Veranstaltungen. Es bietet viel mehr Blickfeld und wir bekommen enthousiaste Reaktionen von unseren Kunden.
    Markus Hartlieb, Social Media Network, Berlin
  • We ordered a Megaview Picpole 8 for real estate photography. It's magnificent !  Our customers ask for it because they know we have it.
    Real estate agency London
  • Als makelaar gebruik ik al geruime tijd een hoogtestatief en apparatuur van Megaview. Dit stelt mij als makelaar in staat om “anders dan anderen” opnames te maken van woningen en bedrijfsgebouwen binnen onze makelaardij. Een ‘klein hulpmiddel’ met een groots resultaat.
    Maarten Pijnenborgh, Vrijehuizenmarkt Peel en Maas

Making magnificent pictures!

Low and high views: