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Is it possible to take pictures with a Megaview® ? Will it rotate forward and back Today’s cameras have the ability to take good sharp aerial pictures in almost any conditions. Of course the Megaview® will go move forward and back,  but with all types and kinds of cameras you can make fine flawless aerial pictures. All modern compact and SLR cameras can be adjusted in terms of shutter speed and other settings, making it quite simple to take sharp, crisp images.

Sure: a drone is a nice piece of technology with fine features and video results, but … ..the legislation in recent years has become much stricter for drone users. In most countries, it is not allowed to fly above residential areas and above crowds. Flying and photographing is something that now is regulated and requires a lot of paperwork. Usually the idea of ​​”the higher the better” rules, but often, this is not the case. Especially in residential photography. For the average home, a perspective view at a height of up to 20 ft. to 22 ft. is perfect. With a higher perspective you’ll have too much “roof and grass”, and the perspective is lost. Of course, a drone can go much higher than an aerial photography pole.  You probably don’t need a high system of 10 meters when doing regular real estate photography. A heavy SLR camera requires a bigger, thus more expensive drone. Many customers who buy a Megaview® photomast have already tried an failed to  use drones and made the choice for the most convenient and relatively cost effective aerial photography solution: the Megaview® photomast. Fast, easy and convenient elevated perspective photography without the hassle of licenses and permissions.
Look here for the current regulations around drones.

Megaview® photomast products offers products of non-electronic nature with a lifetime warranty. So, for the poles, tripods, brackets etcetra, you will always have a lifetime warranty. Why? Because we have a total confidence in the products we sell and service we offer. Megaview® photomast products was the first in aerial photography poles introduced to the photography market. Megaview® Photomast products are made from the highest quality parts compliant with European manufacturing and safety standards. 

All Megaview products are shipped worldwide. The cost of shipping is automatically calculated at the point of order. Once your order is placed and payment is received it usually takes 4-5 working days for your product to be shipped. You will receive notification of shipping by email. Any additional customs fees have to be paid by the customer. You will have 1 month right of return ! 

Simple: Remote controlled pan tilt heads are often relatively heavy, costly, and ultimately, not necessary for regular photography. If you have also practiced a bit with it, and made a few photos with the Megaview® Photomast you will know what angle is right for your camera should be perfect for the camera. The angle can be adjusted by hand in advance by changing the angle of the quick connector. Through experience, you can alter the angle and all Megaviews can be adjusted so that you can achieve the right photo composition. If you still want to order a tilthead, we can provide the TILT™ in our webshop. 

It depends on several factors: the weight of the camera, the extended length of the tripod, the person working with it. You can imagine that a heavy SLR camera will catch more wind and will go back and forth. So you have to be more careful in windy weather, and do not extend to the highest altitudes. In general, with strong winds it is not wise to make pictures with an aerial photography pole. In short, it is a matter of feeling.

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Laat je goed adviseren en koop bij ons hoogkwalitatief statiefmateriaal voor uw fotografie vanuit de lucht. Geef niet meer geld uit dan nodig is bij ons, we adviseren je graag !

Customers reactions

  • Ik heb sinds een tijdje een Megaview PICPOLE en ik maak er foto's mee voor een lokaal makelaarskantoor. De foto's zijn bijzonder overzichtelijk en klanten vragen er nu zelf naar. Ook de service van Megaview is prima !
    Willem Mulder, Fotograaf, Markelo NL
  • Wir haben seit mehr als einem Jahr einen Picpole 10 und dass gefallt uns sehr gut. Wir gebrauchen es immer bei unsere jobs auf Borsen oder Veranstaltungen. Es bietet viel mehr Blickfeld und wir bekommen enthousiaste Reaktionen von unseren Kunden.
    Markus Hartlieb, Social Media Network, Berlin
  • We ordered a Megaview Picpole 8 for real estate photography. It's magnificent !  Our customers ask for it because they know we have it.
    Real estate agency London
  • Als makelaar gebruik ik al geruime tijd een hoogtestatief en apparatuur van Megaview. Dit stelt mij als makelaar in staat om “anders dan anderen” opnames te maken van woningen en bedrijfsgebouwen binnen onze makelaardij. Een ‘klein hulpmiddel’ met een groots resultaat.
    Maarten Pijnenborgh, Vrijehuizenmarkt Peel en Maas

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