COMPACT™ Photomast

COMPACT™ Photomast

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A kind of XXL selfie stick, that’s the Megaview® COMPACT™…

Handy, lightweight and yet making pictures quickly on a maximum altitude of about 5 m./ 16,5 ft. That’s possible with the Megaview COMPACT™. A lightweight carbonfibre camerapole with a weight of only 1,5 kg/3,2 lb.
Ideal for quick shots with inspections or events etc.
Also very suitable for lightweight 360° cameras as the Ricoh Theta.
Suitable for real estate agencies, building inspectors, engineers, infrastructural inspections, event photography etc.


Operational within seconds

Extremely lightweight and handy

Suitable for compact cameras and 360° cameras

Easy to carry

Suitable to film with

Product features:

The COMPACT™ photomast is easy to carry around. It has an extended length of 5 meters and 1,07 meter inserted. Ideal for quick shots and suitable for Wi-Fi (film) cameras and lightweigth 360º cameras like the Ricoh Theta.

The aluminium rotating clamps are easy and quick to open and close which enables you to make a picture within seconds.
Filming is a simple job with the COMPACT ™ because you can move the COMPACT™ by hand. It’s a complete handheld system.

This COMPACT™ photomast pack includes:

• Carbon fibre telescopic pole
• Retracted length: 1,07 m. (3,5 ft.)
• Extended length: 5 m. (16,5 ft.)
• Weight: 1,5 kg. (3,2 lb.)
• Number of tube sections: 6
• Lightweight aluminium rotating clamps.
• RAMmount smartphone holder.
• Nylon transportbag with shoulderstrap.