SONIC™ Photomast

SONIC™ Photomast

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Megaview SONIC™ photomast
Whether you want to make pictures in a meadow or on a mountain or in the desert, the SONIC™ is a very stable system, and is able to carry photo or video cameras up to 3 kg.
Take elevated photography without licenses or permits like with a drone. A very robust and stable platform for every kind of photography or film job. The aluminium tripod legs can independently extended, making it perfectly levelled out on uneven surfaces. Ideal for: (large) real estate photography, event photography, nature photography, crowd monitoring, inspections, 360° photography etc.
13 m./43 ft. long, extremely stable and lightweight, that’s the Megaview® SONIC™ !The biggest and highest version of our products.
With its total weight of 15 kg./ 33 lbs, you can reach any spot you like.
The best alternative to a drone.
Suitable for cameras up to 3,5 kg/ 7.7 lbs.
Use it everywhere without requiring licenses or permits.
Make your aerial imaging license free and problem free!



Very suitable for heavy weight SLR cameras

Ultimate stability through retractable tripod

Quick to erect with handy clamps

Easy foldable tripod

Lightweight through carbon/aluminium combination

Robust and strong construction

Easy to transport

Product features:

• Material photomast: 100% carbon fiber.
• Retracted length: 2.15 m.
• Extended length: 13 m.
• Weight: 15 kg.
• 360 ° rotatable.
• Number of tube sections: 9.
• Color mast: black
• Color tripod: aluminium
• Pneumatic braking system
• Aluminium “fingersave” rotating clamps

This Megaview SONIC™ package includes:

•13 meter/ 43 ft. telescopic 100% carbon fibre pole. Colour: Black
•Retracted length: 2,15 m./ 7 ft. Weight: 15 kg.
•Number of sections: 9
•Aluminium tripod with polycarbonate clamps.
•Built in spirit level.
•Rainproof mount for 10″ tablet computer.
•Manfrotto RC 234 quick connector.