SUPER™ Photomast

SUPER™ Photomast

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Weighing only 11 kg/ 24 lbs, you can reach every spot you want.
This 6K carbon fibre photomast tripod is capable of carrying SLR cameras or video cameras up to 3 kg/ 7.7 lbs.
Ideal for: real estate, events, inspections, promotional photography, geographical measurements etc.
This little sister of the Megaview SONIC™ is a very good choice for many photography or film tasks because of its outstanding mobility. With the same sort of aluminium tripod as the SONIC™ it has a very stable base for filming or photography.



Can be placed anywhere

Relatively lightweight

Quick to erect

Easy to operate

Sturdy and strong construction

Easy to transport

Product features:

  • Material photomast: 6K carbon fibre.
  • Retracted length: 1,81 m./ 5,6 ft.
  • Extended length: 10 m./33 ft.
  • Weight: 11 kg.
  • 360° rotatable (by hand).
  • Sections: 6.
  • Colour mast: black
  • Colour tripod: aluminium grey
  • Aircushioned system
  • Aluminium rotating clamps.

This Megaview SUPER™ Photomast set contains:

  • 6K carbonfibre telescopic photomast. (10 m./33 ft.)
  • Aluminium tripod with 3 independent adjustable legs, built in spirit level.
  • Rainproof holder for 10” tablet computer.
  • Manfrotto 234RC quick connector with manual angle adjustment.
  • Roll-up nylon transportbag for tripod and for pole.


  • IUSBport Wi-Fi transmitter for full remote control of your camera.
    With free app. to control your Nikon or Canon camera in “Live view”.
    See exactly what your composition will be on your smartphone or tablet computer.


Bekijk hier de productvideo van de SUPER™ (40 sec.)