PICPOLE™ 8 Photomast

PICPOLE™ 8 Photomast

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The PICPOLE™ 8 photomast is an ultra lightweight 6K carbon fibre photomast with FOOTBASE™ for maximal stability.
Suitable for SLR cameras with a maximum weight of
2,5-3 kilo./ 5,5-7,7 lbs.
With the special designed rubber FOOTBASE™ you can use your own bodyweight to stabilise it. In doing so the PICPOLE™ 8 can be manoevred whilst retaining optimal control over your camera. The PICPOLE™ 8 can also be used as a monopod. A tripod available as an option. (See pictures) The nylon transport bag with shoulderstrap is easy to carry.

Options for your PICPOLE™:



Easy to control

Quick to erect

Easy to transport

Attractive pricing

Product features:

  • Material: 6K carbon fibre telescopic pole.
  • Length retracted: 1.67 m. / 5.5 ft.
  • Length extended: 8 m. / 26.3 ft.
  • Weight: 4,0 kg. / 9 lbs.
  • 360° rotatable by hand
  • Tube sections: 6
  • Colour: carbon black with protective coating.
  • Aluminium rotating finger safe clamps with grip profile.
  • Aluminium triangular distance holder: safe laydown
  • FOOTBASE™ foot platform.
  • Air cushioned construction.
  • Guaranteed for life.

This PICPOLE™ 8 Photomast package includes:

  • 6K carbon fibre telescopic mast.
  • RAMmount X-Grip holderfor smartphone or 7’or 10″ tabletcomputer
  • Manfrotto 234RC quick connect with manual angle control.
  • Aluminium triangle for safe laydown
  • Rubber FOOTBASE™ for full camera control
  • Roll-up nylon transport bag with shoulder strap and zipper